A - 124 USB Female naar USB Female Adapter Converter

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• Snelle installatie en eenvoudig te bedienen, geen noodzaak voor het instellen van software
• Klein formaat en lichtgewicht, draagbaar en mini
• High-speed transmissie, uw trouwe digitale metgezel

  • Productdetails: Type: Adapter
    Interface: USB
  • Grootte en gewicht: Productgewicht: 0,0050 kg
    Pakket gewicht: 0.0120 kg
    Productgrootte (L x B x H): 4,50 x 1,70 x 0,80 cm / 1,77 x 0,67 x 0,31 inch
    Verpakkingsgrootte (L x B x H): 6,50 x 3,70 x 3,80 cm / 2,56 x 1,46 x 1,5 inch
  • Verpakkingsinhoud: Verpakkingsinhoud: 1 x adapter
  • Kleur: Zwart




Oggetto ben fatto e molto utile per trasformare un cavo con uscita femmina trasformandolo in prolunga evitando cosi' di avere sempre cavi lunghi anche quando non serve.
Bargain hunter

I bought this because my wife has a wired PS3 controller who's cable is too short to reach the PS3. I've mistakenly bought a 2 male usb cable initially so i could use that to connect my laptop with my printer to print stuff. As local stores have failed to order me one of these (they cost 5-10 euro here!) I went looking on GearBest and yet again, GB saves my day.
51 cents for local gaming fun!